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'Femspreading' is Absurd

Prior to writing this, I was watching a few YouTube videos, you know, the usual gaming ones. Then, I started to notice something absurd appear on my Twitter timeline en masse. This so-called ‘Femspreading’ phenomenon displays women – possibly third-wave feminists, so they’re man-haters – mainly on public transport, carrying needlessly sizeable items which cramp other commuters, resting their feet on another seat so they’re occupying two instead of one, laying down across two seats, and even splaying their legs at an angle that occupies three seats! Yes, there are women that do this!

This egocentric reaction is a reply to men ‘manspreading’ on public transport. BuzzFeed, the waste bin of the Internet, uploaded a video to their YouTube channel in late November of last year where women try manspreading for a week. Manspreading is when a man, obviously, slightly spreads his legs to make room for his crotch, as you should because living in comfort is paramount. The video starts off with a falsehood; I would expect no less from BuzzFeed, as well. These falsehoods and absurd assertions are repeated through the rest of the video. In fact, at the start of the video, Kuwilileni, states that men “Don’t want their balls sticking to their legs.” Not true, it’s not that men don’t want their balls to stick to their legs, it’s that we don’t want to crush our testicles. It’s a matter of safety and precaution, not comfort - although that does play a minor part. I’ve sat on my testicles before (don't ask how) and it’s painful, I can assure you of that. Tan, the second woman featured, also states that “Manspreading is when a man spreads his physical body to take up as much space as humanly possible.” It’s funny that she says this whilst in the background, a man with long legs is forced to spread his legs around a car seat so his knees aren’t prodding into the back. Plus, there is plenty of space between the person holding the camera and the man being filmed. If there's room, why not spread out a bit?

This is okay to me, there's room for both people.

Further along, she declares that her mother would tell her when she was growing up to close her legs. This could be for a couple of reasons. The first could be that she was wearing a skirt and that showing off her underwear isn’t a classy move, I wouldn’t want to bear witness to either sex doing this. Secondly, because women don’t have testicles – there’s absolutely no reason why they would need to spread their legs as they do anyways. All the participants state that they would probably feel guilty throughout demonstrating the act, and they absolutely should. Women don’t need to spread their legs that wide as they do throughout the video; women aren’t dominating people by nature, and are more emotionally receptive to feelings of guilt and sadness, for example, than what men are. Biology, people! I know many women who are more than happy to be stay-at-home mothers, home-makers, to look after the kids and comfort their partner after work. One of my friends even told me that she "loves the idea of it." There’s nothing objectionable about following the path that nature has prescribed us. Men typically fit the hunter-gatherer archetype, and women are the carers – biology dictates this. How often do you confide in men, rather than women? I wager nowhere near as much as you do with women. Kuwilileni further states that black women have this stereotype where they appear bossy or aggressive when they take up space, and so she tries to minimalize her presence to avoid that stereotype. No, you minimalize your presence because you’re a woman – yet again, women on average aren’t dominating people. Just an FYI, I consulted with a few of the women in my life and they all agreed with me on this; I’m not spouting nonsense.

Seriously? This isn't even manspreading, it's relaxing.

Of course, there will be outliers where there exists dominating women and submissive men, but they aren’t statistically significant. Another woman says that when she manspreaded during her manicure and people didn’t notice it. Yeah, you don't say! Because there was room for you to do it and the other people in the room were so engrossed on their own manicure or trying to relax themselves, they most likely either didn’t care you were doing it or were just focussing on themselves. This was a lazy argument to make, I must say. Manspreading is only outrageous when the people in your vicinity are cramped. You should only manspread or femspread, when there's room for it - think of others before yourself. Women are not ‘expected’ to be small and quiet, they enact this habit because, yet again, they’re women with hormones that don’t make them aggressive or dominating, and have grown up that way so they’re used to it. Men on the other hand, have testosterone – just like women, they’ve grown up with their separate set of hormones and are used to living as advancing people. It seems to me that these third-wave feminists are trying to undo biology by making people feel guilty for living the way they do – same as this ‘white guilt’ phenomenon that was initiated by the same kinds of people. Why feel guilty for being a man of any race or a white person of either sex? We can’t help that we are biologically different, just like we can’t help that white people started slavery in the United States, but, didn't invent slavery as a concept. You don't own any slaves, right? So, why feel guilty? The past is the past and we need to put it behind us; it's time to move forward. But, you know who abolished slavery in the U.S.? White people! Fun fact, it was the Portuguese who invented the slave trade concept in the 15th century. This idea of reinventing how people live plays right into the postmodernist handbook; criticising and being sceptical of the previously existing and well-arranged concepts and structures that have enabled The West to prevail and thrive after all these years. This is how a society crumbles.

I’ll be objective here for a moment. There is a certain line that constitutes going too far, and resting your feet on another seat or laying across two seats when other people could sit down next to you is too far, as well as being selfish - instead of being selfless. Share the space if there's no room, people! Opening your legs slightly so your testicles can rest easy isn’t crossing that line, but, I will add, having your legs at an angle any greater than, say, 40 degrees, is crossing the line. This subject is immensely nuanced, as you can tell. It’s also not being ‘up your own ass’ if you want to occupy vast swathes of surface area on a bench or a similar structure, when there’s both no one else around, and enough room for people to come and sit comfortably. Why not relax for a while before more people arrive? This BuzzFeed video is sending a terrible message to women around the world because it’s teaching them to be obnoxious and to mimic male habits, when the two sexes aren’t equal in terms of physical and biological natures. It's hiding this message of empowerment under the guise of irrational postmodernist propaganda, designed to segregate and divide people through conflict. Since it’s been uploaded, the comment section has been disabled and the like-to-dislike ratio was hidden. The people aren’t buying what you’re selling, BuzzFeed!

This isn't okay, it's being selfish.
This is perfectly okay, there's room for others to sit down.

Although I agree with Tan that this is slobbish behaviour, I'm okay with it as long as there are other vacant seats.

This is okay, no one's being too intrusive.

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‘Femspreading’ is as absurd of a concept as the contrived outrage that 'manspreading' garnered, and should not be a trend. Women don't have testicles in the way that they need to be wary of and protect. In fact, I'd like to see women try to sit with their legs closed, resisting the urge to spread them and have a tennis ball placed between their legs near their genitalia. And yes, just one - the size of one is all you need to imitate a ball sack. Additionally, men are more assertive and dominant than what women are because of hormone differences, so that explains why men tend to do things like this and women live more submissively. This is also evident in how men are more likely to ask for a pay raise at work.

Trans-women, i.e. male-to-female, weightlifters act and perform more aggressively in life and in competition, and undeniably blitz their opponents in weightlifting championships due to this pre-existing testosterone advantage. Of course, leftists always resort to labelling people who use critical thinking skills when it comes to an issue like this as bigots or having prejudice. Trans-women also fare similar to cis-gendered men, and perform worlds better than cis-gendered women in competitions, as they’ve had decades worth of testosterone in their bodies. Testosterone promotes the growth of muscle mass and strength, the increased mass, density and strength of bones, have higher levels of anabolic steroids which helps men recover stamina quicker, and have higher haemoglobin counts in their blood which helps circulate oxygen better around their body. This difference gives significant advantages over cis-gendered women who would oppose these trans-women. It’s an unfair advantage; testosterone allows men to hit harder, kick faster, throw further and swing a racket with more power, oestrogen doesn’t. Women shouldn't have to face transgender men in competitions like these, because of course the transgender person will win, it's just science! Oestrogen promotes growth of the breasts, pubic and underarm hair (as testosterone does) and starts the menstrual cycle; much different than what male hormones do. It’s obvious that third-wave feminists and postmodernists have a skewed perception of the reality behind gender and biology.

Men and women aren’t equal, and I don’t think they should be. Don’t misconstrue this as me saying that the two sexes shouldn’t have equal rights; I’m in full support of that, what I mean is that men are designed to do things that women can’t, e.g. heavy lifting and providing for the family, using the caveman analogy. Vice versa, women are designed to do what men can’t to a high of a standard as women, e.g. more caring, protective, loyal and more emotionally accommodating. Why is this generation being told to do things that the other sex is already capable of doing, and doing well at that, I must add? This argument has been ever so evident by the supposed 'wage gap', which is a myth, and has been debunked an innumerable amount of times. Women choose to major in caring-related careers like nursing, social work and psychology, whereas men choose careers that are objectively orientated. These include: engineering, architecture and physics. This is also evident in how men focus on the big picture, and women focus on minor details. When recalling their days, a man typically gives a quicker summary about what happened and a woman tends to recall her day with more details - it's one of the main predetermined differences between female and male brains. Women also go into maternity leave wherein that duration, they are left in the dust, as their respective counterparts in those careers become more qualified than them, so when they return to the work force, they’re less qualified and need to play catch-up. Kids are self-evident in the fact that boys tend to gravitate towards and play with trucks, so, toys that can construct or demolish things; objective oriented, and girls play with dolls, so they learn to care. Kids are drawn toward those toys through both their own free will and through socialisation. I see nothing wrong, yet again, with enforcing gender roles, as it’s what the two sexes do best as it plays to their strengths, and that we shouldn’t be promoting it as heavily as is now, that women should do things that men do. Women shouldn't try to be men, and men shouldn't try to be women. There’s two sexes for a reason: they help each other out and do things that the other sex can’t at all, or do as well as the other. If men and women were meant to do the same things, there’d only be one gender or sex; humans would all look and act similarly - essentially robots.


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