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Pride, The War on Fathers and YouTube Partisanship

On June 27th, 2017, YouTube Spotlight – the official YouTube channel for YouTube – uploaded a video entitled “#ProudToBe: Celebrate Brave Voices this Pride.” As soon as I clicked on the video I had noticed that, just like a lot of their recent videos, it has a disproportionate number of dislikes to likes, than what a normal video would have. You see, the normal percent of likes and dislikes on a YouTube video is 95% or thereabouts likes and less than 5% dislikes. This pride video currently, at the time of writing this, has an overwhelming 55% dislikes. So, something must have gone awry.

I’m all for letting the LGBT community have their pride marches and whatever else, because it really doesn’t affect my life. But, what I won’t stand for is exclusion, partisanship, censorship and agenda pushing. When companies and big time websites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are all collectively pushing agendas I disagree with and censoring dissenting voices, that’s when I have a problem with them.

It’s undoubtedly true that YouTube Spotlight videos almost always bestow faces and personalities that everyday people who browse YouTube haven’t the slightest idea of who they are, for example: when you watch a ‘YouTube Rewind’ video. I used to like those videos, now, not so much. I like to think I know a lot about the website and who the most prominent channels and content creators are, since I’ve been using the website since 2009, but too often I see videos on the YouTube Spotlight page who, for most of them, I struggle to identify any of them. I’m also not alone on this one, all my Twitter friends feel the same way. The gaming section of YouTube is always absent, apart from PewDiePie, naturally, who is the number one most subscribed personality on the website with a staggering total of 55 million subscribers and counting. The company is becoming more and more partisan and corporatized. In recent times, this divide, corporatisation and the partisanship is becoming more and more evident and on display, and that YouTube is taking a side and pushing an agenda, not seeming to care about their complete and utter transparency.

When you look back at their recent videos, you will find collaborations with big time celebrities like Snoop Dogg and then-President Barack Obama, videos about pride, immigration, Mother’s Day and promoting their own brand. Notice what’s missing here? There was no Father’s Day video. What is with this obsession with gays, blacks and immigrants? Why are the minorities getting all the attention, instead of the majority getting at least some? I found a comment on the video that read: “You know who needs more attention than the LGBT Community? Veterans, Child Soldiers, Victims of Abuse, etc. Seriously, why is this more important than them?” This is an excellent and valid point. So how about it? Let’s start giving some, if not all, of the spotlight to those people! Start raising awareness for things that matter more! In many ways, I think this video was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and the people are finally fed up with YouTube’s nonsense. If you shove this content down our throats for long enough, we’re bound to get sick of it. I think I speak for most people when I say seeing old men with lipstick on is grossly off-putting, non-binary isn’t a thing, and transgenderism is a mental illness. We’re fine with lesbians, gays and bisexual people, but the rest is too much – the people in the community can’t even remember the LGBT alphabet soup.

This demonization of fathers is dangerous. As Lauren Southern explains in a recent video of hers, the postmodernist fervent attempts at deconstructing the traditional family and destroying the father figure is not only a petty revenge fantasy, but begs one to ask if this petty pursuit is worth the heartbreak and damage it is causing to real people in the real world, not just to people on the Internet. Fatherlessness leads people down a rabbit-hole, or a death-spiral if you will, as the suicide rate is five-times higher in fatherless homes, the runaway rate is thirty-two times higher, the dropout rate nine-times higher, as well as the loss of that loving and caring guide in one’s life. Given these statistics, it is apparent that the traditional nuclear family is important to maintain and preserve.

This is all very worrying to me; if YouTube is promoting these left-wing brands, many of whom lay on the same side as CNN, who were recently ousted by Project Veritas, by saying in private, and caught on tape, that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative is all “bullshit” and a “nothing burger” but are still promoting this myth, then what is YouTube’s aim? What are they trying to achieve here? Is it possible they’re another multi-national corporation dedicated to ensuring globalism is inevitable? YouTube is single-handedly promoting ideology and partisanship that routinely lies to and hurts the people.

I really miss the old days of YouTube. I do. When the trending tab wasn’t splitting at the seams chock full of content from ‘political’ comedy late-night show personalities like Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah and others who aren’t particularly political like Jimmy Fallon, these people should make their own websites and flood them, not YouTube. Additionally, prank videos and ‘challenge videos,’ if you can even call them challenges, that is. I miss when clickbait wasn’t a trend, when dislikes on videos were more honest, unlike this pride video where dislikes and comments are routinely deleted, and when dissenting voices didn’t have their adsense and revenue revoked due to criticisms. Goodbye, open dialogue! Hello, monopoly!

By not changing who you are, you are changing the world.” No, your incessant promotion of this drivel which seems to demonise straight people all around the world and by not acknowledging fathers is changing the world. I don’t hate gay people, I really don’t. I have many friends whom belong to the LGBT community, and they’re all great people. But this constant promotion of a minority of the population is really getting annoying. Especially when it’s been happening for the past decade, at least. We get it, you’re gay and you want attention and recognition. I must ask though, what are you fighting against, though? Yes, it could be the God-fearing Christians that disagree with homosexuality and can be extreme sometimes, but I feel like nowadays it’s Donald Trump. If it is the Christians, pay no mind to them; all religious folk are crazy. And don’t say modern society as a whole, for one: we’re not afraid of gay people, and two: I grew up listening to Freddie Mercury from Queen, George Michael, The Village People and countless other past and present artists. Even if it is, you shouldn’t care what other people think about you; you won’t succeed in life that way, just go be yourself! To this day, modern society and I still collectively idolise LGBT artists and most likely still will into the future; modern society doesn’t hate gay people, if they did they’d all be homeless. This is certainly not the reality of the situation; he’s fought for the LGBT community in the past, as well as holding the pride flag on stage once, and yet, these people have no idea.

It’s quite telling how the LGBT community and The Left are the establishment media and are also the arbiters of who can and cannot have dedicated pride days/months. James Allsup recently uploaded a very thought-provoking video covering this topic. The LGBT community has, what seems to be, at least, a whole month dedicated their pride. Given that, straight people should be allowed at least one official day of heterosexual pride, because this toxic dogmatic culture where straight and white people are demonised is too overbearing for today’s progressive, modern, western societies. James also makes a point in stating that if you research into all the pride movements for each race, white people are the only race that’s definition of self-pride is considered a supremacist movement. What’s wrong with being proud about your race, heritage and loving yourself in general? Sure, white people created the slavery movement in the United States, but they also ended it and aren’t the only race to have enslaved others. In fact, the Arabs were the inventors of slavery, white people only get recognition for their slavery movement because they did it in the west. During the Barbary slave trade, white Christians were enslaved too. Of course, you wouldn’t know about all this because we now live in a culture where being white seems to be a sin and even if you never owned any slaves or are related to any slave owners, you’re made to feel guilty of that.

In the future, I would like to see real equality for all instead of this false narrative of equality that the left spreads, more freedom of expression and speech on YouTube and less censorship and partisanship from these big time websites and companies.

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