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What Does Conservatism Mean To You?

Earlier this week, I sat down with one of my old high school friends, Callan, and asked him a myriad of questions about conservative politics and how the ideology has impacted his life. He mentioned how it helped him escape the nihilistic frame of mind that he says permeates the minds of people who hold liberal views of the world.

He mentioned how during his journey from nihilism to conservatism, he noticed that political discourse and free speech is in a bad place right now, and that free speech is important to all conservatives. It is crucial that both sides of the fence begin to understand each other better, so that our great societies can see a stronger sense of social cohesion.

The future he wishes for is one where conservatives can be more confident to speak freely and spread their beliefs, without fear of being ostracised by the Left. Also, one where events hosted by conservatives aren't shut down by liberals, just because they have different ideas and beliefs.

Although he previously held a few conservative beliefs during his nihilism, such as traditionalism, hard work and taking care of yourself, he discovered important values like prudence, variety and imperfectability. Ultimately, conservative ideology has helped raise his confidence levels.

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