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Nationalism is the Stepping Stone Towards World Peace

World peace. It’s an idea that everyone is familiar with, as it’s an ideology that has been in circulation for decades, with an increase in its attraction during the Vietnam war era in the 60s. It permeates all mediums of media; it is advertised in minuet quantities in the news and in movies, but also in television shows, most notably The Simpsons, and in music, particularly with John Lennon’s “Imagine”. It is also much more attractive to the general masses than most other political ideologies that have been dreamed up in the past century; people don't need to think too hard about what it means and it's endgame because it's deemed to be one of the more kindhearted and utopian ideologies.

I had an observation recently, and not to toot my own horn or anything, but it was quite an astute realisation that I felt rather proud of. World peace, or at least its political endgame, is the one ideology that garners the least airtime and is further discussed the least in general conversation. When was the last time you heard about world peace in the news, or even discussed it? We talk so much about Islam, Christianity, progressiveness and conservatism, but never world peace. Why is that? I have zero prominent memories of ever talking with someone face-to-face about this possibility. After realising that, I thought it could be possible that the media, particularly the mainstream liberal-elite media, as (((they))) hold the most power and influence, and the top one percenters, don’t want world peace. Perhaps they want, or, dare I say it, need, us to be in a constant state of squabbling over petty issues? Maybe, just maybe, they give this less priority in broadcasting to distract us from the bigger picture? Whatever that big picture may be at the time.

In an idle moment, I recently had a thought, as usually happens -- just think about things for a while, of will world peace ever be possible? You would at least hope so, right? I’m not a supporter of war, but I’m also a fervent supporter of nationalism and sovereignty. Who doesn’t want to prosper? One particular danger that is coupled with world peace is the possibility of globalism. I began weighing up the pros and cons if this phenomenon came to life. Some dangers of world peace are that whilst it has always strongly advocated for freedom, peace and happiness, which are all okay with me, don’t get me wrong, would be that globalism; systematically, and inevitably stripping away cultural and national identities through the integration and blending of innumerable global cultures and values, would be the endgame. Globalism is fundamentally a multicultural ideal; it strips away at the unique cultural differences that each country in the world has and attempts to make them all into one mushy culture, where the individual nations aren't the same as they used to be, and everything that is special is eradicated.

Morgan Freeman is a believer in the possibility, however remote, for racism to be eradicated the less it’s acknowledged and discussed. To an extent, it could also help to not ingrain our young people with the concept of racism as they become aware of this ugly hatred through socialisation, but rather have honest conversations about race. Abolishing racial tensions is a stepping-stone towards the endgame of world peace. I don’t believe world peace or abolishing racial tensions can be accomplished this way; it needs to be actively sought and discussed, like everything else in life. Abolishing racial tensions can be best done through nationalism and homogeneity. Furthermore, it’d be wrong to ignore the controversial history which America and Australia both have; preserve the past to secure the future. You can’t cure cancer by sticking your head in the sand. He further believes that racism isn’t to blame for poverty, and I concur. Ben Carson, who is a member of Donald Trump’s cabinet in the position of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, grew up in ghetto Detroit and became a distinguished neurosurgeon, recently termed poverty a mindset; you won’t accel in life if you have the looming thought that you’re oppressed and won’t amount to anything. There have been immense numbers of successful Black men and women who have prevailed through what is supposedly racist societies in the West. How can the Black man and woman succeed, as we’ve seen many times, given the assertions that the West is racist?

Alternatively, in homogeneous societies, racism isn't an issue; just look at Japan. Every country should put their own people's interests first, and for all races, including White people, to stay together and embrace identity politics without shame, thus why Trump's America First policies are so successful, because the American people are sick of being put last. It'd be like your parents putting the neighbour's kids before you. I'm a firm believer in the proximity/conflict theory, the closer different naturally tribal races of people are together, the higher the chances of those different people engaging in conflict with each other. I also find it very disheartening that the 14 words ("We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children") and 88 precepts have become taboo, considering I want to have kids and grandkids, and to continue on the Searcy lineage forever. Moreover, that White people are the only peoples who can't have pride in their race without it being labelled supremacist. One way to stop the very real White genocide that is going on these days is to stop race mixing and to also end immigration to White countries, my generation and the next generation should consist of Blacks having Black babies, and Whites to have White babies and so forth. White people in particular, since I'm White and I don't want my people to go away, need to wake up and realise what is happening, and I'm hoping this article will do that for you. We need to start having children that look like us and advocate for our own interests, as well as stop the brainwashing that is happening via the media and universities who openly spread anti-White racism.

Humans have evolved to be naturally tribalistic; we seek ourselves in other people. People love to compartmentalise others and make it an us vs them situation. We also seek out those who we think would be easy to cooperate and get along with. A small minority of people would, at least I’d think or hope so, actively search for these people. It’s in our nature to want to find common ground with people, and squabble with others who we don’t share an identity with. It’s why Republicans and Democrats, Right-Wingers and Left-Wingers, and Blacks and Whites have so many disagreements; the beliefs of a person from either group are barely similar. As we are believed to have evolved from animals, and animals are in themselves very primal and tribal, we tend to search for ourselves in others and not cooperate with dissent or differences. It's also a possibility, however remote, that if not for race, religion or ideology, people would perhaps instead actively search for petty things to argue over and like height, eye colour, hair colour, opinions on trivial matters, financial affairs, class etc.

There are ways of attaining peace through strength, though. One way is to execute all your enemies through brute force; there won’t be anyone to hate or have conflict with, if there’s no dissenting voices; just like what communism did in the 20th century. Secondly, by use of threat. If you make the enemy scared, they’re much less likely to engage in warfare or conflict of any kind. I tend to lean towards the second option, any method that prevents death or human suffering is the optimal way of handling conflict. Of course, this won’t work all the time, as often the enemy is more willing to resort to violence if they have less to lose, but it should never be out of the equation.

The very first step in all of this, though, is to recognise the enemy, which is the Jews; they have a significant influence over everything in the West, and yet they can have an ethnostate (Israel), but we can't -- then once this is done we can start to convince our people to find a reason to unite like we used to be, before we became multicultural. Then to promote the preservation of our heritage, identity, future and race -- because all races matter, and all races should embrace nationalism and become homogeneous again in their homelands.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but I envision that something like this may work. Here are theoretical solutions on how we can save the West in particular, AND bring about world peace: 1) Deport ALL illegal immigrants ASAP. 2) Remove concept of birth-right citizenship and The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 in America, and any similar acts in every other Western country. 3) Get rid of international Jewry and their influences on academia, media and banking -- ESPECIALLY cultural Marxism. 4) Re-popularise family values, nationalism (like in the UK and US) and pride in one's country, with a new media quite different to our own; change the culture to something more wholesome. 5) Kill the idea of diversity; diversity and globalism is NOT a strength. 6) Restrict the rights of communists and/or deport them to communist countries; make them learn the hard way. Also, they don't play by the rules, support the constitution or embrace tradition. It's best we get rid of them, and if we don't, we'll all be killed by them eventually.

7) Stop giving foreign aid to all countries whose citizens are too incompetent to realise that having 8 kids leads to food shortages.

Obviously, this is easier said than done, but if we ingrain these values in the next generation, as well as start to turn the minds of young adults back to normality, modesty and emphasise the importance of living a life of intellectual pursuit instead of degeneracy, it's entirely possible to gain these goals of ethnostates all around the world well-within 50 years. This can be sped up with incentivising minorities to return to their homelands after they have gotten all their formal education, so they can improve their countries and make them great again, so to speak, with these new-found skills; there are too many squalid countries in the world. As well as embracing family values by having more White babies in White countries and Black babies in Black countries and so forth. I fundamentally also disagree with the notion that migrant families are as Australian as, say my family, who have lived in Australia since the 1880s or thereabouts, since they flew here in the early 2000s from Africa, Asia or the Middle East. Likewise, James Allsup raises a good point about people being deemed as American as his family, who has lineage that goes back a few hundred years, where they hitched a wagon across the Oregon Trail in the early 19th century, compared to migrants who flew over the Mid-West in '98.

In particular, a White ethnostate in all Western and European countries will be largely beneficial, not to forget the same can be said about all other races, thusly: 1) The concept of racism will be eradicated. 2) The standards for police force etc. won't drop because of the dropping average IQ of the country, brought on by mass migration from countries with lower average IQs; the lower the immigrant's country's IQ, the less they'll be likely to compete to a high of standard with us, thus leaving them to collect welfare. 3) There will be less crime and a higher sense of social cohesion and national spirit due to having more in common with other people. The fact is that White people, as other races are, are tribal with the other Whites. Since Westerners are the global minority at around 12%, and our population size is decreasing, we should be allowed our own homelands and ethnostates, sovereign from other races and special interests; similar to Israel and Japan (obviously the indigenous peoples of America and Australia, for example, are included in this, just not immigrants who have their own homelands (and by immigrants, I mean anyone not descended from Europeans who moved to the West in the 18th and 19th centuries)). When you add in Europe, it only bumps the number up to 18%.

Upon intense researching, I've really been tossing around the to belief of "Hitler did nothing wrong" -- not that I support Nazism; socialism is a burden upon everyone in the country that it's implemented in, and censorship is pretty lame. I have, however, been warming up more to nationalism and what it can bring in the future if fully embraced, and discovering what really happened during the Holocaust.

The reality of the situation is that immigration hurts both countries involved; the smarter people leave their homeland for other countries, which changes their new countries' demographics. Demography = future trajectory.

Europe for Europeans and Western countries for Westerners (Whites), Africa for Africans (Blacks), South America for South Americans (Hispanics), and Asia for Asians.

Multiculturalism in Western countries is another way to say multi-racial, and thus anti-White. Some cultures are better than others, and ours is one that deserves to be preserved when you compare it to other cultures from around the world. Those people who promote multiculturalism are especially anti-White. All races should also reject this idea of multiculturalism.

I maintain that immigrants who are descended from Africans/Arabs/Asians/Hispanics etc. have their homelands and are of higher global population percentages than what Whites are, and that we should be allowed the same courtesies to self-preservation as Japan is, for example. Fix your own house before you enter ours.

Essentially, this all won't possible if we don't find a way to unite White people, as all other races are with their sense of togetherness and that they advocate for their own interests, like we see with Black Lives Matter, The Muslim Brotherhood and M.E.Ch.A. Furthermore, the best way to do this is by eliminating all anti-White notions in the media, propagated by Jewry and Communist agendas; nationalism will be the West's saviour. If we don't help young White people to find a reason to love their country, people, heritage, traditions and customs, our future will be very bleak and dull. There's no way we can save our people and provide a future for our posterity in this degenerative culture and society. We must reject this degeneracy, rekindle our national spirit and enshrine a sense of modesty, intellectual pursuit and meaning into the lives of young men and women. Whites, who have built the best societies (thus why everyone wants to migrate to the West), and have been behind the most important advances in human history. WIthout us, humanity won't be the same, and in all honesty, the future won't be as prosperous as it could be in our absence.

Our heritage, nation, identity and people are a gift from our forefathers and ancestors, and we should do everything possible to preserve it for the future, as the other races would and should; so, why are White interests and White nationalism so taboo or wrong? We need to take back our country before we lose it to foreigners who have higher birth rates than us (partially due to their cultures -- in Africa and the Middle East, but also due to rhetoric telling White people to not have families); it's nonsensical to think that this won't happen. If Europeans all migrated to India, would India be the same? What about if Africans migrated to Israel or Japan? Or even if Asians all migrated to Europe and outnumbered them? All other racial groups play identity politics and advocate for their own self-preservation, because it’s intrinsic and important to them – so, why not Whites? In order to maintain our Western supremacy, we need to be cautious with who we allow into the West, since we are the best. Culture, race and IQ are all linked, too. If White people don't embrace nationalism, we will lose our homelands, culture, traditions and people to foreigners who outbreed us.

Do you think world peace could be a distant reality? Think about it for a while and let me know. Given all the arguments I’ve given, would you support it or oppose it when that day comes? It’s a good pipe dream to have, that’s for sure. I personally think world peace will never happen if nationalism isn't embraced. It’s just far too unlikely given that there’s 7 billion people on this vast planet. No one can be forced to see eye-to-eye with another person. Nationalism and prosperity for all races, or no world peace.