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The Cult of Multiculturalism

Although I have already briefly touched on this before in my previous post, I feel the need to really hammer this home, since it's an issue that is incredibly important to address and that most people aren't aware of the severity behind it.

I believe that if you repeat something enough and present it with good optics, a smile and a jingle, the general population are more likely to accept it and think it's a good idea, without thinking too critically. This is certainly the case with the theories of diversity and multiculturalism, because nowadays I see nothing but blind acceptance for this anti-Australian strain of thought, and trust me, I know this is the case because up until recently when I started to look further into identitarianism and nationalism, I didn't think too hard about what diversity and multiculturalism really is, I just thought "Oh yeah, this sounds alright."

When you force different cultures to live together in a country (you'll also notice how it's only White countries this is happening in, too) it creates civil unrest, acts of violence and terror, a lower trust in government and ultimately a lower sense of social cohesion. Would you feel at home if you were suddenly uprooted and dropped into a Latino country? No, of course not. You can't identify with anyone else there because they have a different language, heritage, customs, traditions and way of life to you. This is increasingly happening in places like California, where 45% of Californians don't speak English at home, I mean, this is just disgusting! Are they a united country or not?

Furthermore, when you allow the importation of foreign peoples who hold their original homeland's culture dearer than the culture of the country they are migrating to, and who also breed at a higher rate than you, you get a culture clash and rapid change in demographics, just like what is currently happening day after day in Europe and elsewhere in the Western world–America and Canada being the biggest two.

So, who is behind this? There must be someone organising this project, right? Well, hear me out on this, but the biggest proponents are rootless, international, Jewish people. This is best exemplified in immigration policies with Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi establishing what was called "The Kalergi Plan", it aimed at establishing a multicultural European continent, full of docile, low IQ, multiracial people, by using the European Union as its instrument of destruction. They even admit this diversity experiment is their goal! Furthermore, in America, where the Hart-Celler act was signed and subsequently caused the demographics of the country to drastically change, where America went from being a 90%+ White majority nation, to less than 65% White in just a couple of generations. Emanuel Celler was a Jewish American. Some other prominent Jewish celebrities and persons of interest who espouse the same ideas are Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros and Barbara Spectre among others, this is then encouraged by the mass media which also happens to be predominately Jewish-owned. This policy is likely to have later influenced the abolition of the White Australia policy, since Australia essentially copies what America does. Examples of this in action can be found in France, around 2008, where President Nicolas Sarkozy (another Jew) encouraged the French people to racially interbreed, calling it an "obligation." This race-mixing propaganda is everywhere in the media and can be observed in many commercials that we see on TV today, especially ones where White people are made to look pathetic and weak. Their goal is to normalise it as much as possible, and bring about a shrinking White population, in White countries, and only White countries. This is an actual genocide, as per the United Nation's definition of the word. We need to stop this sick social engineering project, end all racial integration, mass migration and put an end to the efforts of governments around the world who are encouraging this. Is this all just a big coincidence that Jewish people tend to be influencing these events? What do you think?

Celebrating non-American music artists (Korean pop artists, in particular, who don't even live in the country) at the American Music Awards, is what we get when we think multiculturally. Call me old-fashioned, but I think American music award ceremonies should only celebrate American artists. We now live in this globalised world where wanting national identity is deemed 'racist.' "Oh, you don't think mass migration from the third world is a good move for your country? What are you some sort of Nazi?"

Why shouldn't White people be allowed the same courtesy that every other race of people are afforded around the world, to put their people and collective interests first, and to choose to oppose immigration and state-enforced multiculturalism? All that and more is discussed in this great video. I kid you not, White people are the only people that this is happening to. No one is saying Asia, Latin America and the Middle-East needs to be more ethnically diverse. Race is real, and it is increasingly important to the happenings of a country–it directly correlates to fertility rate, crime, intelligence, financial earnings and the overall liveability of a society. Higher IQ groups of people have less children, commit less crime, earn more and live in safer and less poverty-stricken countries.

One thing I have a big problem with is race mixing, not only because it is unnatural (it doesn't happen in the animal kingdom), but because there are harmful consequences of it. This comes because of these multicultural societies and social engineering. I believe you should want to have a child that looks like you, not the opposite, as Muhammad Ali also believed. When you have kids with someone of a different race than you, you are essentially blotting out your own people, whether you consciously or unconsciously realise it. You are also creating a mix of two distinct identities and snuffing out any special genetic traits that you possess. A mixed-race child that will grow up experiencing more health and behaviour risks. In particular, White-Asian mixes had a 2x higher rate of being diagnosed with a psychological disorder, such as anxiety, depression or substance abuse. Above all, the average rate of success for mixed-race couples compared to same race couples, is much lower. Now, why would anyone want that? Race-mixing leads to outbreeding depression, or, in other words, offspring from crosses between two different populations having a lower level of fitness, than offspring from crosses between individuals from the same population. They are producing weak children.

The best way forward for the Western world, is there being a rise in racial, cultural and national consciousness amongst the people, rejecting this false ideal of a multicultural country, electing a nationalist politician who will restrict immigration and re-emphasise the need for reclaiming our identities. I don't like seeing people like Canada's Trudeau, so heavily embracing Muslim culture and tradition when he's not the leader of a Muslim country–although, let's be fair, Canada could turn that way in the next few decades if nothing is done to stop it. It just feels wrong to me, and it's totally unnatural! In that very same video, though, he claims "diversity is a strength." Really? Then tell me, Trudeau, why aren't the most ethnically diverse countries in the world all global powerhouses? It's just a weapon that is used exclusively against White people.

John Howard's One Australia policy had to have been one of the best ideas an Australian Prime Minister has had in a while. Simply put, the policy called for an end to multiculturalism, and emphasised a vision of one nation and one future. Howard believes and lays out his thoughts regarding multiculturalism in this video, which I concur with, that when we travel the world, it would be best to see distinct national identities and cultures, instead of, say, when an American comes to Australia, seeing a mix of Australian, Asian, Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern and Latino cultures. When I go to China, I want to see a Chinese culture embraced by Chinese people, not a faceless blog, a mix of everything around the world. Likewise, with Europe, when I go to Germany, I want to see German culture embraced by German people, not this Middle-Eastern culture that is forming there. Just look at what has happened to the UK! And even in some places of the UK the Islamic call to prayer gets blasted throughout the city. This would mean having to maintain, or, better yet, raise the White population of these Western and European countries to a higher percentage again like it used to be, back when you could walk down the street in Australia with a gun and no one would bat an eye, because of how homogeneous and high-trust the societies once were. The actual percentage is unclear–I've seen statistics that say Australia is 75% White, and others that say we are closer to 50 or 60%, due to high rates of Asian immigration over the years, but I know that it is shrinking. What would be best for the world is for everyone to stay in their separate countries, improve them as much as possible and raise their cohesiveness there, instead of trying to make everyone blend into one country.

Demographics are important, as they determine your destiny. This is common sense. If a country started to take in record-number amounts of migrants from the third world, would that country not soon become the third world? Would the migrants, who are set in their ways, and have their own distinct values, not then try and impose them on the native population once their numbers reach a certain point? This can be seen playing out innumerable times in history and is still happening today. In the UK and in Germany in particular, the migrants have been calling for Sharia Law. Not good!

Multiculturalism in Europe and the Western world is itself a juxtaposition; you can't have a distinct Australian culture and way of life if we have a myriad of other cultures existing in our great southern land. Multiculturalism is inherently anti-White; that is, it was invented and used as a tool to attack Western, Christian countries, and to flood them with people of other nationalities to strip away their national identities and distinctness. Multiculturalism is anti-White and will lead to what is called "White genocide." Anyone who opposes this multicultural strain of thought is immediately labelled a racist, xenophobic Nazi by the multiculturalists and the mainstream media. It is truly a cult-like mindset.

One thing that is particularly amusing, but also tragic, is that the biggest proponents of this ideology of destruction are the same people who this affects the least. They aren't the ones on the ground at risk of being assaulted, blown up or even raped by a foreigner from places like the Middle-East or Africa. They are the former and present world leaders and elite; that is, Justin Trudeau, Malcolm Turnbull, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Tony Blair and David Cameron etc. They say they care about us, but they really don't!

In Australia and other parts of the world, multiculturalism is not working, and it will continue to fail. The answer to this is nationalism. We have seen gangs from parts of Africa in recent times causing mayhem in our streets and causing way too many problems. In fact, between 2014 and 2017, Sudanese gangs are linked to a 400% rise in violent burglaries. Sure, it's not just the foreigners that are committing crimes, I'll acknowledge that, but why are we importing crime when we should be fixing the problems we have here first? When you have fundamentally different people in close proximity to each other, you have a higher risk of conflict. Furthermore, why are we allowing them to stay here if this is how they are going to act? Get rid of them! Some cultures and nations are better than others, and it is in our best interests as Australians if we only allow immigrants to arrive from other White nations, as our cultures are more similar than other parts of the world. Racial homogeneity isn't this evil thing the media wants you to believe it is. We will be a stronger and united nation if we are homogeneous, just look at Japan! It's time that we realise our very existence is in danger, and this anti-whiteness, the myth of diversity and multiculturalism is being sold everywhere, including universities.

When you open a country up to multiculturalism, you may as well open the borders too. What is the point in trying to retain and preserve a national identity when the majority of these people upon arrival in their thousands and thousands every year, simply don't care about their new country's identity and culture? They live in their new country like they would in their homeland. Nationalism isn't racist, nor is it hateful. It is the idea of loving your own people, your own culture and your own traditions. True nationalist societies wouldn't allow foreigners to run the show, as we see with Jewish people (who aren't White) dictating the course of events with the immigration policies, social engineering and tricking people into having mixed-race children and hating their own people enough to say that Whiteness should be abolished and other disgusting sentiments.

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