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The Rebirth and Future of Nationalism

Fascism and Nationalism are by far two of the most slandered and misunderstood political ideologies that are still present in today's society. This is evident in how even right-wing political commentators (who are basically liberals but have different values) tend to label anything they do not like as Fascist. This is a shame considering the fact that they are fantastic ideologies, and are the only sensible doctrines in rotation right now.

All over Europe, in particular, and in the Western world, we see Identitarian, Fascist and Nationalist movements sprouting up and gaining traction. Europe with Generation Identity et al, and the West with Identity Evropa and the Alt-Right - Alternative (to the) Right.

In terms of an actual Fascist political party, yet again, Italy are leading the charge with 'CasaPound Italia'. This, in my eyes, is likely to cause other Fascist or Nationalist groups to not only form throughout Europe and the West again, but to change the political landscape completely, after seeing what CasaPound is doing for the Italian people. We initially just saw these movements in the United States during the 2016 election and the United Kingdom with Brexit, but now we see Fascist and Nationalist movements appearing in Australia, Spain, the Philippines (Duterte calling himself a Fascist), Greece, France, Germany, Japan, Hungary, Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland), Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic and Ireland. This momentum has the potential to go worldwide.

In my opinion, Fascism is the type of ideology which, if properly researched and explained, can really catch on and change the course of events for a country in a positive way. The underlying philosophy is also very friendly to everyday regular people. It is the ideology of teamwork and beauty. Personally, I am an Australian Nationalist before I am a Fascist.

Let's explain what Fascism actually is!

Part of the reason why so many people do not know what Fascism is, is because there is not anyone standing up and defending it in a position of power. In terms of Nationalism though, we have many people to look to for that. Donald Trump is an American Nationalist, but he is not a Fascist, despite what college professors and Communists would have you believe. Trump is a Capitalist and a Conservative, and Fascism is in opposition to Capitalism and Communism. Fascism is not 'far-right,' but the proverbial middle; for example, it takes progressive policies like nationalised healthcare and education, so people no matter their financial situation can compete with the rest of the nation and rise to the top (this is true meritocracy), and Conservative values like strong morals, borders and the rights to free speech and own a firearm.

One thing that people get right about Fascism is that it ends the party system. Democracy only leads to disunity; if voting rights are to remain, the people should instead vote based on occupation, as Oswald Mosley proposed (a British Fascist). I believe that if a Nationalist or Fascist leader comes to power and looks after the people, as the ideology dictates that will happen, they will not clamber onto their oh so precious democratic values of their vote having the same impact as someone with a 70 IQ or a drug addict (that is, if foreign powers do not try to destroy the country once it frees itself from the international bankers and becomes a strong and prosperous nation).

Fascism is NOT: racist, evil, violent, oppressive, restrictive, tyrannical and imperialist. It can broadly be defined with these main ideas: national unity, aiming for the fantastical (higher goals and ways of life), ending usury, looking after the environment, ending homelessness and choosing to base things off merit instead of identity and diversity hiring. Below are great in depth videos specifically describing Fascist philosophy and what Fascism is and is not, but it does not include a full rundown on what official policy would look like in a Fascist society, since it would vary by country. But, if you do not wish to watch a 30 minute video, you can click this link to read a shorter explanation.

A word of advice: do not trust anyone's summary of Fascism who is a Communist or have not read The Doctrine of Fascism by Benito Mussolini or any books by Fascist leaders. They are lying to you. They only see the Hollywood version of Nationalists and Fascists, which depict them as being evil, angry and violent thugs. This could not be further from the truth; Nationalists are generally peaceful people who want the best for their country (love of folk and country). Violence is a tool and everyone uses it regardless of political ideology. I used to also think that Nationalists and Fascists were violent thugs too, but when I looked into it and became a Nationalist and embraced the doctrine of Fascism, and enacted its values into my life, I realised they are very loving and happy people. You feel more at peace when you embrace the worldview of love for your people, nature, rejecting the poisons of modernity and internationalism! Since you only ever hear one side of history because history is written by the victor, and the media only shows one side of the narrative.

It was through persuasive images like the one below that I started to think if there is some truth to it. I then read 'Mein Kampf' by Adolf Hitler and 'The Doctrine of Fascism' by Benito Mussolini (because I was told not to), watched and read lots of speeches and essays from Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, George Lincoln Rockwell and Oswald Mosley, and noticed they were all speaking along the same line of thought. There is a saying that goes "There were no fat kids in the Hitler Youth." National unity and rebirth, rejecting both capitalism and communism for being materialistic and unfulfilling, and promoting meritocracy are universal across all Fascist movements.

Fascism is for everyone. It is not 'racist' or 'sexist,' or any of those buzzwords; it is an ideology that helps the people within a country's borders, who are native to that country, or as we see in the West, the people who built the country. It is the love of your own people, and having women be feminine and men be masculine. Movements can adopt these ideologies in non-White countries, as has happened in the past (Latin America and Asia). With that being said, it is exclusionary in the sense that for a Fascist country to be successful, you need to have a homogeneous population. Let Europe remain European, Asia remain Asian, Africa remain African etc.

What does this mean for Europe and the West?

There remains the potential for conflict in the near future. The migrants from the Middle East and Africa are not likely to leave willingly. If I was a leader in Europe I would go the route which George Lincoln Rockwell advocated, which was deporting the migrants (in his case the African Americans) but giving them a sizable amount of money so they can be resettled in their home country and start up a business and build their country up - whether that will or will not succeed in happening is not our concern; we help them start a new life in their country, it is up to them how they determine their own destiny. We can only hope that the most peaceful option is the way forwards, and that the migrants that have arrived and caused nothing but trouble then are sent back to where they came from and use the money we gave them to rebuild and become great. Part of this also means ending foreign aid. A potential 'race war' where the native Europeans fight for their countries against fanatical foreigners still remains.

If successful, Europeans will then end the globalisation that has been happening in stages since the late 1960s. Europeans will again have the right to self-determination and will get sick of migrant crime and the welfare and surveillance state, as they will most likely kick all people out of positions of power that are foreigners. More people will realise that consumerist hedonism is unsustainable, and the degenerate media needs to be abolished. They will start to become pro-White, hate the anti-White bias that is enshrined in institutions and realise that the word 'racist' no longer means anything and has no impact, they will realise that for years they have been lied to (World War 2 etc), they will get angry and they will want revenge. Once they find out just who really won the second World War, they will do away with them. More importantly, they will start looking within themselves and realise they need the environment more than it needs us, they will want to start big wholesome families, they will cut out as many vices as they can.

How long will all this take to go mainstream?

It is a possibility for the third world invasion to end in Europe in perhaps 5 to 10 years, maybe longer, since their population size is smaller than places like the United States, they are already moving further to the right and becoming ethnic nationalists and they already have higher demographics and stakes to the land, being 90% white in most countries. But for other places like Australia, the United States, Canada and the UK, I suspect that it will take much longer. Western countries have not moved as quickly to the right as Europe has, and a Nationalist or Fascist party gaining political power is going to take much longer for us. Europeans have been lucky since they have not lost their culture as much as Western countries have, with the lies of multiculturalism, diversity and internationalism. I hope that more Nationalists like myself, as I have been doing, will begin to talk to everyday people, send videos, speeches and literature to others and will feel that inner pride for your country and people.

If nothing is done, they will become minorities (read: replaced by people with higher fertility rates than White people) in the countries that their fathers and forefathers helped to create and make great. Their identities will be no longer, and their heritage will all be for nothing. We Nationalists and Fascists want the best for all people, we want successful and proud nations of people, living in harmony and not in perpetual wars for Israel and high crime rates. If you give a nation a Nationalist worldview, they will then be less inclined to commit crime, rape, litter or abuse animals and will improve themselves physically and mentally.

I will leave you with one final thought. If democracy and internationalism is peace, and Fascism, Nationalism and National Socialism is violence, then why is there perpetual war but no Fascist countries? So yes, Nationalism and Fascism are the way forwards.


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