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On Nature

In our busy daily lives within the modern capitalist claptrap, we evermore find ourselves becoming more stressed, moody, irritable and frustrated. The longer we are subjected to these unnatural laws and lifestyles, the worse it will get. The more cramped, crowded, squished and spied upon we become, the more anxious we feel about our world and surroundings and become more suicidal.

The only way to survive and escape from the failing capitalist system of recurring global financial crises, in my eyes, is to either adopt a completely different economic, societal, ideological or worldview altogether (the 'third position'), or to go completely self-sustainable on an urban (if you wish) homestead, where you are your own boss and provide your own food. Doing so will enable us to return to our natural roots and to love our animals more, which I would suggest has disappeared in recent times, as I hear more and more about animal abuse stories.

Oh, rats!

Millennials think they are happiest in cities, but we are also more prone, as a generation, to feeling stressed. Although suicide rates globally aren't spiking, in some regions they have risen since the 1950s. Because of this, I reserve the potential for it to occur in the future. Speaking of living in cities, guess who also think they are happiest in cities which are crowded? Rats.

Have you heard of the phrase "rodent utopia" before? There was a study presented in 1962 by John B. Calhoun wherein he conducted an experiment on Norwegian rats, letting them hyper-populate within a small converted barn. He supplied them with food, water and bedding. This caused them to breed rapidly. "Unwanted social contact occurred with increasing frequency, leading to increased stress and aggression." The adrenal system of the rats then gave them the natural choices of fight or flight. Remember before how I said they hyper-populated a small converted barn? Well, they were only left with one option.

The physiology of the rats then spiralled into cannibalism, infanticide, hypersexuality, pansexuality and homosexuality. This was dubbed the "behavioural sink," which is actually observable today as well. This experiment resulted in population decline, and would lead to eventual extinction. The remaining rats lived with psychological problems: asexuality, utter withdrawal and clustering in a vacant huddled mass. The rats were reintroduced to communities of normal rodents, but as they had become "socially autistic," they remained isolated until death. This rodent utopia was destined to degenerate into hell because it was unnatural.

The rats were then only lacking space. With this lacking in space, the problem arose of overpopulation -- something Australia is already seeing the effects of.

Complacent crowding.

This should sound familiar, as this same phenomenon is happening all over the world right now. If you subject people to unnatural conditions: guaranteed bedding, food and water, they become complacent. If you let naturally weak people or animals live, they will cause havoc to the natural order. They will no longer have to struggle, and thus won't have to prove themselves as being worthy of life. This then allows humanity to breed itself worse and worse, which we don't want to do.

Attached to this worsening of humanity, is the breaking down of borders. Miscegenation, cultural mixing, diversity and multiculturalism all lead to conflict, feeling unsafe, health problems, mental illness, regression to the mean IQ, risky/anti-social behaviour, and other undesirable characteristics. These are all unnatural since humans have always been tribal and social beings. It has never worked, it isn't working now and it will never work -- much like how the communist dream is unattainable. We've all heard the phrase "...and this world has room for everyone and the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone," but this needs to happen in separate nations.

Attached is an archived Twitter thread where this paradigm is exemplified in the case of New York City.

Globally, this problem is showing itself with allowing populations with higher fertility levels (and subsequently lower IQs and higher testosterone) to breed like crazy, causing the average global IQ to drop. This has also been demonstrated in France due to dysgenic fertility and migration.

Hypersexuality and promiscuity is one of the most prevalent issues surrounding dating today. Just like the rats, humans who have an increased amount of sexual partners run into social problems. In the rats case it was spiralling into overpopulation and then behavioural sink, in our case it is not being able to have a stable marriage. As is traditionally the case with Westerners, we find someone we want to date, get to know them, eventually settle down, get married and have kids. Not getting married and fooling around too much will lead to less stable households and less children, which will lead to population decline and eventual extinction.

Do you think these sorts of behaviours are natural as a result of this crowding, or is it deliberately promoted?

Humanity's alternative & our future.

As they said Bitcoin was a bubble, and they were right, humanity is also a bubble. We need to submit ourselves to our more natural and primitive state of being to retain our humanity and safeguard our environment from ecological collapse, which will happen -- meaning less invasive technology, less crowding and more freedom from modern vices -- but also uphold natural laws with ideals attached to them, so we don't degenerate into animalistic behaviour, as the rats did. To be human is to command and to submit. We need a societal shift away from all the crowding, to escape being cogs in the unnatural capitalist machine, to depopulate the major living areas, homogenise and engage ourselves once more with nature and its laws. Living on a farm or in a rural setting sounds more appealing to me than working a desk job in the busy city.

Humans are animals, we are a part of the ecosystem of Earth. We are the smartest, but we are still animals with animalistic urges. We, just like the shark, tiger or eagle, are a warring, hunting, conquering, violent and intelligent species. Our animalistic, primitive urges tell us we need to have sex, we need to eat, fight and dominate, and we need to learn, improve and better ourselves, just as animals do. But we need to do this with ideals and according to natural laws. It is through these laws that humanity was able to thrive on this planet. A reintroduction to them can only benefit us.

As is the case with everything unnatural in today's world, natural problems have natural solutions. Mother Nature will always win, Mother Nature always gets the last say. It is an unalterable law on this planet. Humanity is not stronger than nature, our way of life frequently gets interrupted and our towns, which we made, devastated by natural disasters. It is foolish, and quite frankly, egotistical to think otherwise.


I will now directly quote a video I found on Nature's Laws, National Socialism and idealism.

"National Socialism, ultimately, is the application of Nature's Laws to human civilization: to reintroduce mankind (particularly Aryan-kind) to those laws which, in recent millennia, they have forgotten: those same Laws that gave birth to them and this entire universe. National Socialism is therefore mankind realizing, understanding, and living in accordance with Nature.

Nature's first and foremost Law is: survival and propagation of only the most fit. Those that are healthy enough, strong enough, and most adaptable to the constantly changing conditions are what Nature deems worthy of life on her planet. This is a very rough and relentless Law to be sure, and could be looked at in a number of different ways which may or may not be correct. It is a rule which is quite often taken out of context.

National Socialism adheres to this law strictly, and bows unto it as a sacred and eternal Law. But as National Socialists, we stray from becoming anaimalized by the simplicity of this Law - instead, we have ideals which we attach to it. We want the intensification of civilization: we want mankind to advance itself rather than become more primitive.

We want it to become more adaptable and more powerful, and at the same time more humble, intelligent and creative. We want a race in harmony with itself and with nature - not a pack of snarling beasts ready to kill one another to survive."


I will soon begin to meditate more often, increase the amount of time I spend at my local park reading, and skating around for exercise when possible more than I already am. Being amongst nature, especially near the ocean and I find in forests too, can make you feel calmer and creative.

A book I cannot recommend enough is Industrial Society and Its Future by Ted Kaczynski. It talks about how destructive crowding can be psychologically, and how the Industrial Revolution has caused so much harm. I can only see a future where we either merge further with technology, or we all collectively become aware and abandon the techno-industrial society we are living in. There very may well be an exodus from the major cities, and from modern technology. If humanity is going to have a future at all, I hope it's a natural one.

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