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21 Maxims for Life

With the coming of my 21st birthday, I thought I would share 21 principles I have come to live by and admire throughout my life thus far. I am using them to improve myself every day.

1: Value truth as important; never deceive as you will always be found out.

2: Struggle is the only means towards success and happiness.

3: Only look back to the past to learn from it, otherwise forget it and focus on the future.

4: Greed and selfishness are falsehoods, one should always look to help and benefit his community.

5: Set yourself goals, have dedication and a tangible worldview to achieve.

6: Try not to contradict yourself, be consistent in your views and stand up for them.

7: Natural laws (leadership, hierarchy, territorialism, respect, promoting strength and honour, the family unit and localism) cannot be undone; they are eternal.

8: Strive for the best version of yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually. Learn to take criticism. Cut out bad habits and take care of yourself.

9: A day without learning something or improving in some regard is a day wasted.

10: Enjoy the outdoors, find time to have some downtime, unwind and relax when you need to.

11: Read old books by people who built and contributed to society, not those who destroy it.

12: Have a sense of humour, be approachable and helpful, attract the right kinds of people, have endurance, courage and ingenuity.

13: Do not be egotistical, no one is too important to be of service.

14: If you work as a cohesive, unified team, you will not fail.

15: Be reliable, arrive on time or early and learn to apologise sincerely.

16: Know the possibilities and totality of your strength and work to extend it.

17: Love nature and animals, and hate with your entire being: animal abusers, subversives, the corrupt and defilers.

18: Be peace-loving and love freedom. If peace is not guaranteed, be willing to fight for it.

19: Side with your people, order and justice. Never betray.

20: Believe in quality, not quantity. Merit and strength are righteous.

21: Be prepared to suffer and sacrifice, and learn to love it. Take the hard way sometimes so you value and appreciate the easy. Do not take things for granted.


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