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When Corporations Go Political

A few days ago, the multi-national corporation Gillette released what I would call a propaganda short film aimed at masculine men. The video's narrative can be summed with the first sentence we hear: "bullying, MeToo, toxic masculinity... is this the best a man can get?" The short film is presupposing that men are violent rape machines, which is caricaturing what men are actually like. It portrays the west as having a rape culture, but this isn't true at all. This is all in stark contrast to their 1989 advert where they portrayed men as strong and masculine people with dignity. Let's break it down.

It begins with a black man, then three subsequent white men looking into a mirror with introspective, worried looks on their face. Then it cuts to a shot of a handful of what all appear to be mostly white teenage boys storming through a screen displaying their 1989 advert in the background, like bulls in a china shop. This sort of thing certainly looks familiar. The next scene talks about bullies, and has a young white boy crying on his mother's shoulder whilst all the other boys, in a variety of races, then storm through their living room. I wonder, where is the father? Bullying is rough, I was picked on in primary school. In retrospect, I think bullying isn't inherently always good or bad; it is a means to an end. It can be beneficial in that it can build character, toughen someone up and establishes a social hierarchy you can climb. Bullying can help give someone the confidence they need to stand up for themselves. It lets boys be true to their gender roles and be assertive and masculine, as they should be anyways. Bullying between two boys also lasts a much shorter time than between two girls; boys have one fist fight and usually leave it at that, but between two girls it can last months and months and get really nasty. It allows boys to find their natural place in that societies hierarchy, thus giving them a greater status to women, and being more sought after. I have learnt through talking to girls that they typically find men who can provide and defend them better more attractive.

The Creation of Incels and the Elliot Rodger Complex

In that same breath, it can also worsen the status of naturally weaker or beta males; this is positive eugenics, weak men who can't provide for a family may not have children, and this is inherently a good thing if we want to improve our race, and humanity in general, by getting stronger. This is new, it is only recently that we see a generation of men in a society that allows for so many beta males to exist, e.g. less physical activity and strength, more office jobs, changing cultural norms and gender expectations. I believe that if two parent families were more common, and traditional gender roles weren't on the decline, the phenomenon of incels and beta males could disappear in enough time. In both cases, the boys will find where they are meant to be in society—it's not in everyone's nature to be an alpha male—and through that they can either climb the ladder to become alpha, or remain a beta male. Everyone should learn how to defend themselves.

It is the avoidance and denial of masculinity in men that creates incels (involuntary celibacy), who can turn deadly as we have seen in the past; most notably the case of Elliot Rodger. If these incels weren't so pathetic and beta, and have a hatred for women—a real hatred of women—the shootings may not have happened; it is hard to say for Elliot Rodger as he was mixed race, and biracial people are at a higher risk of behavioural disorders than monoracial people. Normal men respect women, incels and the men involved in the #MeToo scandals (pathetic beta males) do not.

The Caricature of Male Influence

It then cuts to a few different scenes of teenage boys sitting on a couch watching TV and seeing men catcalling and whistling at a woman, grabbing another woman's ass, and being at a rowdy pool party next to the pool (this third one was just them having fun). The TV scene ends and we find ourselves in an office environment, watching a man in a suit 'mansplain' and saying "What I actually think she's trying to say..." while placing his hand on her shoulder. Following this is a couple of boys wrestling and their dads chanting over and over again "boys will be boys" when it isn't in the context of sexual assault... what? Let them engage in rough-and-tumble play. It then cuts to a few news segments, starting with Ana Kasparian from The Young Turks—just a stellar choice right there—introducing the subject of sexual assault. Interesting topic there with the #MeToo movement, we wouldn't want to look at the racial makeup of all the men that admitted or were accused of sexual misconduct in 2017, and see which group was over-represented, would we? Because that would be anti-Semitic to point out, of course. We then see the men again in the mirror looking more optimistic and probably feeling 'woke' and glad they don't have a masculine, alpha male mindset or they would feel guilty due to social programming. This video seems to misunderstand what masculinity is. It is portraying the idea that disrespecting women, sexually assaulting them and being being a jerk is masculine. This is false, that is being pathetic. Masculinity is being able to provide for your family, being strong and heroic, looking after your wife and kids welfare, respecting your wife, and also being brave enough to take risks.

The following scenes are about black men teaching white men how to act around women, making the white man look like a beta male—which isn't uncommon—despite black people being over-represented in rapes, then a group of black men shaking hands and being mature, a black man telling his daughter she's strong, a white man stopping his kid and another kid from what looked like play fighting and wrestling on the grass, a white man rushing over to a group of kids and saving a kid from probably being beaten up (which stops him from being toughened up), and then a few final shots with the kids posing and looking off into the distance and at the camera.

The Cultured Thug Ideal

This video, to me and others in the comments section of the shorter YouTube video, is not only misunderstanding what masculinity is, but by doing this they're saying that men should be weak, docile, fat and lazy, and that having strong, alpha men who can be there in an emergency to rescue people and save the day is undesirable because of "toxic masculinity." Society functions best with gender roles and expectations, strong families and communities—a sense of belonging—which is being increasingly lost in the modern age. With divorce rates now higher than in previous generations, kids are spending less time with both parents in the house—women more often than not get custody over their kids—tearing the family apart, and not letting them have access to a father figure during their formative years. We should be getting mothers back in the home to look after the kids, and making sure the parents stay together (I am in favour of making divorce illegal until such time as society can fix these issues, and advocating compulsory marriage counselling before and during marriage every few months) so the father stays in the picture; we need more pro-family policies.

The liberal worldview is one centred on individualism and liberating the individual from all collective identities and expectations. It is self-destructive and will inevitably result in the end of civilised society. Things aren't perfect, and haven't been for quite some time, but it will not get better in a society under liberalism. Liberalism doesn't value the nation over everything else, it now places individual rights, the economy and democracy above all—I have previously written about how National Socialism wants, values and creates an 'organic society.'

"We want it to become more adaptable and more powerful, and at the same time more humble, intelligent and creative. We want a race in harmony with itself and with nature - not a pack of snarling beasts ready to kill one another to survive."

With a mother and a father in the house you get the balance of care and love from your mother, which you can use to love and look after your partner, and from your dad there is the teaching of masculinity and self defence. Any parent can obviously help the child develop the understanding of the importance of either side of this balance as well; e.g. the mother explain why it is important to learn self defence to defend your family, and the father explain why being caring and loving to your family is crucial. Likewise, both can teach why being able to negotiate or debate your way out of a situation, if violence isn't necessary, or to be able to assert yourself enough over the other person to where you can stop yourself from being hurt by someone hellbent on injuring yourself and others, for different reasons and different perspectives due to gender. We must develop the "cultured thug."

Sexual freedom and the hookup culture we are in, I believe, has contributed to the divorce rate increase in Generation X compared to Baby Boomers. Although the divorce rate has been on a steady decline, it is still nearly 3x higher for Gen Xers than Boomers. Third-wave feminism is making women hate men, and in accordance with the Pareto principle, 80% of women are going for the top 20% of men, men—the bottom 80%, who aren't as alpha as the top 20%—are finding themselves frustrated with women because they can't get laid or find a girlfriend as easily as previous generations did, because they aren't as masculine as the top 20%. I would even argue that there is no toxic masculinity facing men—or even that there is no masculinity—43% of boys are raised by single mothers and around 80% of teachers are female. Thus, close to 50% of boys have 100% feminine influence at home and 80% feminine influence at school. How exactly are boys these days going to develop "toxic masculinity" when there is a lack of it?

The Coming Man

The question that we need to ask ourselves is do we want a generation of drugged-up, docile and fat young men and boys, or do we want heroic men who fulfil their natural gender roles, like in the past? We need to get our youth off of these drugs like Ritalin and Adderall and get them out and working their energy off. Boys and young adult males wrestling and play fighting is inherently a masculine thing; their testosterone is kicking in, this is a natural thing which needs to stop being snuffed out. The snuffing of that instinct is gender-bending and destructive. They will grow up confused as to how to carry themselves. It is detrimental to our future to have a youth so feminised as they are in comparison to previous eras, and to allow foreigners who are more fearless than us—Middle Eastern men in particular—to run rampant in our streets. One thing is certain, we need to improve gender relations and gender roles, quickly, before it is too late.

Why Listen to the Corporations?

Why should we continue to listen to the corporations who push the progressive agenda? We can buy electric shavers and razors to use at a much cheaper price. Especially telling is how Gillette has history of animal testing, yet they want to lecture us on how to behave. Nationalism (the concept of 'blood and soil' in particular) is inherently green, and thus any nationalist should also oppose animal testing, factory farming and want a strong and vibrant ecosystem in their country. Instead of testing on animals, why don't we test products like these on pedophiles?

I will conclude with the following comment I found in the YouTube comments section, so take it with a grain of salt, but if it is true, it certainly is very telling.

"This ad campaign was created by Australian director Kim Gehrig, who has been accused of sexuaI abuse by 2 men & 5 women when they were minors. Her victim's videos exposing Ms. Gehrig for being a predator have been on Youtube for a number of years - 1 dating back to 2010. Yet this paedophiIe is trying to smear the vast majority of men as predators & abusers? Gilltette, did you even do a cursory background check on Ms. Gehrig's Somesuch & Co. firm before hiring her for this campaign? Explain why your company's associated with a predator who's actions lead to the 2016 suicide of one of her many victims!"

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