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Are We Immortal?

I have always had an interest in existentialism. Recently this interest has taken a turn in an interesting direction, and I intend on elaborating in this article. Immortality has always puzzled me, as it is something that I have never had a solid answer for. I now have one, and have established my position on the matter. There absolutely is an afterlife—just not in the way that most would think. We live on through our children, our children that look like us. Having kids that share your physiognomy is the only way to secure immortality. You pass your DNA onto your kids, thus giving them the ability to identify that you are their parents. We are immortal if we have kids that look like us, and we all want to live forever.

Not having kids, or having mixed-race kids is not only harmful for your race and your children, but it also ends The Chain entirely. Ensuring the continuance of The Chain should be a priority for everyone who isn't a dysgenic. What is The Chain? It is the idea that no matter your spiritual beliefs and how you think life began, it represents "the endless journey of the generations of the White man through the countless centuries of time." This Chain is eternal and sacred. We are enduring a zeitgeist of anti-natalism and liberal child-free lifestyles; trading off having kids for personal pleasure and debauchery, instead pursuing a fulfilling and wholesome life. I also believe it is essential that it remains unbroken. Have kids and raise them well! Breaking this only destroys what makes people unique and all the little grey people of the world—the different races in the world—so beautiful. Thus we should not allow any racial mixing, and not tolerate multiracial societies; they destroy beauty.

I carry within me the traceable DNA of my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so forth from around 52 generations or 1,300 years. There may very well be more generations within my DNA as well that we can't trace yet due to technological constraints. They are all alive within me, and as long as I secure The Chain, they will continue their immortality. I intend on doing so, and to the best of my ability, ensuring that my children are brought up with the mindset that having children is a healthy and normal thing—despite all the anti-natalist propaganda in circulation. These range from advocating Whites have less kids due to climate change, despite most of the countries that pollute the most plastic and carbon are either capitalist or Asian countries. These non-White countries don't care about the environment as much as White people do, to the point where they would consciously have less children. The other kind of propaganda involves the genocide of the White race through race mixing, White-guilt induced abstinence from having kids and subtle anti-White messaging.

I hold strongly that the phenomenon of doppelgängers, art twins, or what I would call 'face recycling,' is a good reason to believe that we have access to eternity. Some of the people in the pictures of this article may have a common lineage or ethnic background, where they share an ancestor from many generations ago. In order to look so similar to someone, you must share a significant portion of similar DNA with them.

Nature's laws are unforgiving. Life is a constant struggle physically, mentally and spiritually. You must be tough enough to propagate yourself and win this struggle with Nature's laws. Thus, dying isn't hard, living is hard. Why should we be afraid of death? Dying is easy, you can end your life and The Chain forever very easily - not that you should! Life is beautiful, and enjoying the struggle of life is what makes life so rewarding. We should be afraid of life, as dying is easy.

The meaning of life then, to me, is to create and sustain life. Life through the continuing of our blood and the preservation and enhancement of our soil. We depend on our soil, which is soaked with the blood of our ancestors, to ensure that we live on, and yet this future immortality is looking more and more doubtful as an ecological collapse may be on the cards within the next century. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. We must ensure The Chain remains unbroken. And we must ensure that every healthy man and woman receives eternal life through their children and grandchildren. We live on through our children, our family and our race.

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