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The Reality Behind "Come and take it"

Come and take it, or ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, translated to Molon labe, is a historic slogan which originated during the Battle of Thermopylae by Spartan King Leonidas I. It is rhetorically used these days as a defiance to demands of surrender, typically against governments pushing for gun control. It had also been used in the American Revolutionary War and the Texas Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries. In this article, I will state my case for why I think this slogan is no longer valid, and what the future of the United States looks like.

Through a quick observation, it is easy to see that western countries are more detribalised, mongrelised, atomised, distracted and demoralised than ever before. Less and less people are living in rural or country areas as years go by, making us more urbanised, and busier than what is good for us. Because of this, we are less likely to take up arms and revolt against a government which would love nothing more than an unarmed populace. This is what I believe causes the 'soyboy' to manifest; living a life of struggle and hardship is unfamiliar to the urbanised soyboy, who has the world at his fingertip. He remains satiated by fast food delivered to his doorstep by foreigners, hours upon hours of movies and pornography, express 2 day shipping through his favourite mega conglomerate shopping website and a means of communication to the outside world, all within the comforts of his home.

Come and take it nowadays is nothing more than a baby boomer wet dream; a fantasy trope that is overplayed in box office movies. Of course, the urbanite lives vicariously through the movies he identifies with, because he neglects his true identity, his race, over fear he'd be called a racist. The social fabric of the United States, in particular, where they still have gun rights, is long past the point of being able to support even the weakest of guerrilla army resistances to government power grabs. But let's play Devil's advocate and say this was still possible, how many people do you think would get together and actually risk their lives and their families lives to stop something that is inevitable, the slow erosion of their rights, because the agenda runs so deep in the system? Not many, I'd bet.

Outside of lame and larpy groups like the Three Percenter Movement, whose members don't look at all fit enough to last against United States Army soldiers for a prolonged period of time, I don't think many people these days have what it takes within them. The few people that do will do it alone. The canary in the coal mine has been dead for quite some time now, and these people haven't changed a damn thing. Lone wolf attacks are far more likely, and undesired, than groups of people organising to change the status quo. Social isolation breeds school shootings and long acts of terrorism, which I suspect we will unfortunately see a lot more of in the coming decades. Instead of coming together and doing something constructive, isolated people go their own way and do something destructive. The urbanite has become too comfortable with his seemingly endless supply and access to porn and Big Mac's to do anything about their situation. Which is more likely? A group of people organising to kill their leaders and all else responsible, or, "Oh wow, a new [generic TV show] episode/series is on Netflix!" It's just not happening.

The situation is worst in South Africa, and only the slightest bit better in America. Europe, despite facing a demographic, cultural and spiritual crisis, still lives in a region where the percentage of the population is non-white isn't likely to exceed single digits. White South Africans account for around 8% of the population, and White Americans account for 60-65%. Once whites are a minority in all the countries they inhabit, which is a few decades away, their countries will start to resemble contemporary South Africa. The racial headcount that is democracy, where the Democratic Party gets the vast majority of the non-white votes, will tragically soon bring an end to gun rights in America. Once that legal right is gone, White Americans will no longer be able to defend themselves if the trend of social isolation and atomisation doesn't miraculously reverse. At least Europeans (and Australians, because we're great) live in places that are worth preserving, in man-made beauty, not man-made ugliness. The places that are still beautiful in America are just rural areas that haven't been spoiled yet.

Gun control isn't good, but you're delusional if you think you can keep your guns indefinitely. These rights are only maintained in the United States because the conservative baby boomer electoral bulwark is still alive, and are easily removed with a signature. Even Trump is infringing on gun rights. The system will create any lie, spawn any false flag, terrorist or boogeyman necessary to sustain itself. If they can do what they did at Ruby Ridge and Waco, they sure as hell can do it to you and your neighbours. If you aren't shit-scared about the future, or where we will be in 20-30 years time, when the baby boomers are all dead, then you should at least start thinking about where you want to be by then. Just imagine Brazil, but all over the ugly, sprawling, hyper-capitalist, gay disco stripmall world to come. 1776 will NOT commence again!


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