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You Will Eat Bugs, and You Will Enjoy it!

I have recently been noticing a concerted effort by the media and cultural 'influencers' in trying to get people to eat bugs, along with other typically climate liberal lines of action. This realisation also coincides with having read an eye-opening book called Harassment Architecture in recent months which discusses many topics like this. If you haven't heard about the phenomena of coercive bug-eating, you will soon. But what disturbs me the most about this bug-eating phenomena is how casual and passive aggressive they are about it. "Yeah dude, instead of having less people on the planet or changing the way we live from blind consumption to frugality, we just need to start eating insects!" This speaks to a larger psychopathy of the modern world, where our political foundations are laid on unnatural grounds, where antagonisms lay where they had never before and all sense of trust and cohesion has dried up and died.

Until now, coercing your citizens into eating bugs instead of real food is a type of Orwellian tyranny that has never been dreamed up. In any previous epoch, citizens that had a government trying to thrust this lifestyle onto them would have taken up arms and done away with their oppressors. Nowadays the influence of the system's 'simulations of distraction' as I like to call it, follows us into our homes and we even voluntarily take it to bed with us. The environment we live in has switched from the natural world to actually living in and with technology. This switch facilitates predatory capitalist practices to exploit and degrade us as a species, removes us from natural forces and eventually turning us into slave-like consumers. The resulting paradigm we are left with is a state of affairs that is demeaning to the human spirit, and invariably says "you're nothing but a consumer and we will treat you like an insignificant insect."

If the first things on your environmental plan for the future are eating bugs and banning plastic straws instead of imposing one child policies on the 3rd world, implementing eugenic sterilisation, teaching birth control and forcefully stopping India and China from polluting (attacking key coal facilities and major plastic producing companies), you might be a SWPL. Doing anything but this is skirting around the cause and attacking the symptoms. Just remember, the world isn't dying, it's being murdered in the name of The Economy™, and these murderers have names and addresses, to paraphrase Sam Hyde.

Even as it is, we are in the midst of an extinction event, hundreds of species of insects and animals are going extinct every day and people want to worsen that by eating the already depleting numbers of insects? No thanks. Eating bugs is also unnecessary since we produce enough food to feed 10 billion people as it is; hunger is caused by poverty, not scarcity. There are also other ways to eat in an environmentally friendly manner, if animal rights is something you care about, or be humanitarian. Even hardline meat-eaters I've talked to agree that vegetarianism is a valid way of fixing the issue of too much continual methane pollution by cows et al. in the atmosphere, a switch I plan on making eventually; vegetarianism is a far preferable diet than eating insects. But hey, if this appeals to you, I have a moth flying around my room right now as I write this that you can eat, if you wish. If you care about feeding the hungry, should we try to not worsen the situation by letting the third world have too many kids, but give them birth control or sterilise them? It's not the first world who are having too many kids. There are plenty of people going hungry in western countries, but climate liberals want to feed the people that have spawned this problem.

Sure, there are cultures where they do eat bugs voluntarily, like in Asia, but as it is, they're a race of bug people anyways. Whites can't just slave away at the same dead-end job for 15 hours a day for $7 an hour and go home and eat crickets. Importing that foreign cultural concept to the west is imperialist and decadent in the worst way, which will only further hinder the cultivation of a new western culture, breaking away from the current soyboy, gay stripmall culture we have now. But you may say "but they're doing this for the third world!", perhaps, but it's being promoted the most in the west, and they want it to go global. They have to normalise the idea here first before it can spread elsewhere, since we have the most influence on the world.

To conclude, I will leave you with a vision of the future as I see it. Selling insect-laced food will just be another way for greedy capitalist sociopaths to make more money, corner the market and create a monopoly over the existing food sources, eventually replacing real food entirely with bugs. They will import their consumers from the third world when whites become minorities, subsidise their higher reproduction rates, heighten their race-mixing propaganda efforts, eventually replace whites entirely and create a piebald consumer slave-race. We may have a world in the coming decades where people no longer joke about there being a bug in their food, because lab-grown insect meat may become the dish du jour by then. I see a future which for most people will play itself out as a psychotic world of crushed dreams, mass shootings, deep-fried insect snacks, heart attacks, no-hope politics and skyscraper apartment building infernos. That is, unless we build something better in its place. Given my previously stated opposition to eating bugs, what other purpose does this serve than to demoralise regular people?


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