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An Uninvited Stranger - A Poem

A bang at the door

The bolt on the floor

Jimmy on through

Oh, excuse you!

Left the door bowed

In our humble abode

A knife in my drawer

Unprepared no more

A creak on the stairs

Tread into our affairs

Peer through the gap

Your plan has a trap

A shout to alarm

Please do us no harm

You flee to your mate

With our home in a state

Violation and anger

At the uninvited stranger

Alas, the repairs will begin

To forge a castle within

The cars fly by

A loud plane in the sky

Nightmares for days

Waking up in a daze

A bang and a thud

Is that our old bud?

It's not, on further review

We never want to see you

Aloof and disdained

The invader remains

You make my heart race

What a family disgrace



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