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Big Tech Censorship and Its Future

Big Tech censorship and its consequences have been a disaster for grass-roots political activism and organisation. It has greatly increased the reach of those in nationalist circles, but they have destabilised mass movements, have made political activism a stalemate and have subjected nationalists to indignities which have led to unnecessary infighting.

Recently, and most likely still happening to the time of writing this, there seems to have been a targetted and well-coordinated attack against the social media accounts of Australian, but also nationalists from other English speaking countries, on Facebook and Instagram. What otherwise would have been a small and insignificant event has made many people realise that even if your accounts are 'clean'; that they aren't political and can even be fairly inactive on said websites, you will still be targetted for wrongthink or guilt by association. What we must ponder is if a company with so much power as Facebook, Inc. does can permanently ban you without any specific reason—not because of a particular post they didn't like, which group you joined that they thought was too radical, or which post you reacted to which they don't agree with—then what this means for the future of the freedom of information and association.

This has taken the blinders off of people who otherwise thought they could simply fly under the radar, and sounded the alarm for those who may hold edgy or unpopular social views, but aren't explicitly political. The future of social media censorship may very well be bleaker than we think. One thing is for sure, this is a sinking ship that we all must jump off as soon as possible and form real-life communities. I made a second Facebook account and didn't post anything on there, didn't join any groups, only added close friends and liked band pages and it was deleted within a week again. This makes me think that they are targetting people via their IP address. In a way I'm glad that I was banned, I can now stop helping these people—who hate white people and our radical ideas—make any more money.

Goliath vs David

Big Tech has the advantage of their wealth, but what we forget it there is only a small group of people that give the orders of censorship. If the ruling class of said organisations were different, i.e. held different political views, social media censorship would find itself in a different paradigm. The mass of people who follow orders for Facebook, Inc. and Alphabet, Inc. do not have the skills to run such large companies and thus fit their little niches well. Once an enemy such as ourselves has been established, it doesn't matter who the figurehead for such power is, because the power vacuum that exists will always be filled by new faces. What matters is what the ideology or orders being advanced are.

David is our metaphor for the 'small' elite of people that are able to defeat a mass of 'large' people. Goliath is a fitting analogy for the users because we are often treated unfavourably and have to face the firing squad of Facebook's goons. Often for between a few days or up to a month at a time, acting under the guise that Facebook, Inc. sincerely believed in free speech. Of course, they don't actually believe in free speech, and their ever-changing terms of service are a testament to this fact.

The idea of power consolidation against dissidents isn't new to nationalist circles. In previous times, the dissident agents in society were met with a heavier punishment than their social media accounts being deleted for a month. But I would argue that such punishments are on par with how people were previously treated; similarly but not equally. Before the Internet, a tried and true method of silencing someone was to try and imprison someone for having unsavoury opinions for fear of their consequences. These days, since the Internet has become such a crucial factor in political organisation of any kind; if your online presence is totally erased or you are 'unpersonned', it is almost the same as if you had been imprisoned. If your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or personal website (often hosted by WordPress or Wix) are removed, you may as well not exist. You then have no reach, no method of connecting with other dissidents, no platform to demonstrate your worthiness of following and no manner of spreading a mass message. Gone are the times of preaching in a public square, the Internet has replaced it.

Where to From Here?

There are many avenues that one could pursue from here on out, but not all routes are guaranteed to succeed, nor are they all equally worth your time and energy. Conservatives and libertarians will answer this problem with the same solution every time: of creating your own website, recruiting thousands of likeminded people to said website, and creating an involuntary echo chamber. This solution doesn't allow for any growth, in the true sense of the word, to happen, as there will always be a lasting period of stagnation and circle-jerking. New ideas will be shut down because they don't fit the prescribed orthodoxy of the website, outlined by its founders. Gab is a good example of this; the user base can be described as having either conservative/libertarian or nationalist views. The fault of such a solution is that many of the users on Gab most likely still have a Facebook account to keep up to date with family and real-life friends, thus helping their enemy by not deleting their account.

The market won't solve this problem; if our governments truly believe in free speech, what would need to happen is meeting this corporate power with the power of a federal government to enforce regulate onto these companies. Until this happens, these powerful companies will still keep stifling discussion of fringe or unpopular ideas, keep facilitating the oscillation of the Overton window hopelessly around from the subversive left-wing to the traitorous right-wing, without allowing it to settle upon natural law and the eternal way. In the background, they will unapologetically keep selling your personal data to who knows what shadowy agents. Expect this to happen to you if it hasn't already, their language is power. First, the nobodies will be removed first because they're too insignificant to make any meaningful or noticeable reverberation that will be heard when the weeping and gnashing of teeth begin. Expect your idols or figureheads to either be totally de-platformed or submit fully to the Trotskyist dogma that will intensify in decades to come.

Remember, this is more than just having your social media deleted—there is a message being pushed here, that they can step all over you and they want you to feel hopeless. They are making useful idiots and enemies of your brothers and sisters and turning them against you, inching their way to their goals and what they view as an ideal bigger picture, one step and avenue of subversion at a time. This censorship and issue of corporate monopolies will keep reoccurring without a solid real-life situation in the form of culture and communal power. We must strive to drum up enough grass-roots power and win over the hearts and minds of our people towards our ideas if we ever wish to change the narrative that is being pushed, because these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed and they think it's funny.

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