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White-positivity in the Guilt Era

Guilt complexes and similar disturbances are unfortunately becoming more common with time. White-positivity means shunning this race-based guilt complex and viewing White people, culture and history in a true and positive light. White guilt is a thought-less process of conformity because the idea of being pro-White in a sick society only presents negative social mobility. Guilt is a universal condition with roots in many key societal institutions which bleed into public life and thought. Cultural movements that are suggestively anti-White are the current manifestation of such a degrading mode of operation. Culturally, having White guilt is the sign of status or the potential for it, and is becoming the cool and trendy thing to engage with.

Since Vladimir Lenin's passing, we have been preparing to receive his legacy as a mutation of Leninism, a congenially temporal phenomenon that appears to leave its remnants firm rooted in our institutions. Such a sickening trend may be in its infancy, but it will not be removed any quicker than it arrived, because of its promises of high status for the low at the expense of the middle societal components. Biological Leninism tells us that the future inversion of hierarchy will not emulate Lenin's because his inversion of class hierarchies was the lower removing the top, but the future will unfold with the top elevating the lower in a racio-social context. The current hierarchy is based on merit, with straight, White men at the top and a rainbow coalition at the bottom. Under bioleninism, the issues and concerns of the lower take the forefront in politics and culture. This is troubling because it takes the lowest common denominators of society and gives them power without merit or earning it.

After Lenin exterminated the Imperial Russian aristocracy, he instituted a model of loyalty for status by forming a parvenu ruling class coalition who knew they didn't deserve power. This model worked brilliantly because it meant that Imperial Russia's low-status elements like workers, peasants, Jews, Latvians and Ukrainians saw this upgrade as something worth cherishing. This is relevant to contemporary society when we employ the use of metaphors; the Tsar acts as a metaphor for the high and middle status of White people, and the replacing coalition translates to the vengeful minorities of White society. Examining a ruling class with White guilt's capacity to operate proves bioleninism's opposition to self-preservation. The dysfunctional ruling class's only concern is voluntarily relinquishing power instead of achieving its goals; groups without racial guilt are far more effective at accomplishing their objectives. I am not concerned whether this trend is consciously or unconsciously acquired, what we must place concern on is how suicidal being anti-White is.

To have no White guilt means wishing to improve White wellbeing. White wellbeing is the holistic uplifting of your race: improving morality, striving for universally perfect aesthetics and furthering a credible understanding of your history and future. Contrasting this to having White guilt shows us how pernicious a seemingly innocent idea of minority rights can be. It follows that this means decreasing White wellbeing and consciously feeling guilty about being White, having no understanding or hating White culture and history and dishonouring your ancestors. Such sickening behaviour is never because of personal introspection; it's a learned behaviour from negative influences with evil intentions. No sane person has guilt over what is out of their control. White history and culture are rich and noble; we are a race of artists, conquerers, settlers and pioneers. It is shameful to discount and diminish this just to not appear 'racist' for social credit.

We must push back against the notion that being pro-White must carry a negative connotation. This is only because anti-Whites have drip-fed this idea into the public's consciousness. If something so negative can proliferate into our institutions and psyche, there is potential for something positive to do the same. 'Racist' is a term created and circulated by the enemy and originally meant opposition to communism. To give it further power over you means to actively work against yourself. Lenin's mutated legacy is unnatural and seeking the demise of a great people.

Although racial separation has falsely attributed negative connotations, it is the only solution to the racial conflict that is ravaging our once noble society. People in White-positive circles wish to see a peaceful separation, be it deportations or the formation of nations within nations with borders drawn up along racial lines. The current paradigm can't last forever, and any anti-racist reformist attempts will continue falling short of natural law. White men and women must stand up for our culture, history and race in these trying times. We will reawaken the racial consciousness of our White brothers and sisters, promote healthy habits, push back against the anti-natalist agenda and counter the false narrative of history and the gloomy vision of our future pushed by anti-Whites.


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